Media Appearances

I will be interviewed twice on Monday!

Monday morning I will be recording with True Crime Tuesday hosts Dave Schrader (@DarknessRadio) and Tim Dennis (@DRTimDennis).  If you are fans of the paranormal Dave and Tim are also hosts of my favorite paranormal podcast, Darkness Radio.

True Crime Tuesday is only available on Patreon but Beyond The Darkness’ Dave and Tim’s paranormal pod is available wherever you stream your favorite podcast!


That afternoon I will be speaking with Angela from TheHottyToddy.com in Oxford, MS about North Mississippi Murder and Mayhem


Available NOW

North Mississippi Murder and Mayhem on sale now via Amazon!


New Events Added

Kristina will be signing copies of North Mississippi Murder and Mayhem at Square Books in Oxford, MS on June 19 at 5 PM.

On July 17 Kristina will be spending the day in Ripley, TN.  She has been invited to speak at the Tippah County Historical Society Meeting at their monthly meeting.  The event starts at noon and will be held at the Ripley Library.  She will be donating a copy of the book to the society for their aid in securing images of Col. Falkner.

At 5 p.m. Kristina will be signing copies of N. Mississippi Murder and Mayhem at Ripley Library.


Podcast Appearance

Subscribe to True Crime Tuesday on Patreon!  This will be the first podcast interview concerning North Mississippi Murder and Mayhem!  I will be speaking to Dave and Tim in June!

Since Dave and Tim also do Beyond the Darkness Paranormal show they have a unique take on some of the investigations that they post on True Crime Tuesday.  The episode concerning the possible demonic connection to the murders of Ted Bundy is fascinating!